Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some sweeties...

Here are some stories from the past week...just wanted to share how amazing my students are!

We read The Tale of Despereaux and then watched the movie. When we were watching the movie, one of my cherubs asked, "Why is it bad to be brave?" How smart is he?

As we were still watching it and the intro screen started and the thread came to spell the title, my students all exclaimed, "Red thread." It made my heart swell with pride at the enjoyment they were getting from watching it together.

One of my boys was predicting as he was watching it and made a comment. One of my talkative boys (who had already seen the movie) said, "Good inferring," to the other boy. I love that they are making the connection between reading and writing.

One of my students (who was just identified...yay!!!!!!! - getting help for this child will be great) was in our sharing circle and um...well...passed some gas. And of course, he did it in a not so quiet way...everyone heard and looked his way. He said, "I stinkered." And if I hadn't heard him the first time, he said it again...and then continued with, "And it stinks like crazy." I conveniently let my students leave our sharing circle to help relieve their breathing. Some days you just have to roll with the punches.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Remember...poem

I remember a sweatshirt given by my grandma
I remember a plastic Barbie mansion
I remember My Little Ponies
I remember a banana seat bike
I remember Strawberry Shortcake
I remember Popples
I remember an old boom box
I remember an Etch a Sketch

Where are they now?
Cluttering up a landfill.

I need to remember life lessons
I need to remember family events
I need to remember how much I have
I need to remember how little I need
I need to remember to give

Those remembers clutter my mind.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Personification Poem

Lying down...
by me

It lays there


with nothing



desiring to spread
take over the earth
to give value.

** Inspired by the onions that I planted today.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


by me

Slowing down

Quiet speaks
through the beauty

Taking eyes off myself
and onto

what's been


Friday, April 24, 2009

Fountain Poem

by Cathy
inspired by a plant using my poet's eyes

A fountain



the One
it was created
to honor.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Judging a book by its cover...we all do it. And tonight I am ashamed of what I thought as I watched this...I pray that this week, I give grace to others and love them for who they are...not what I need them to be.

Check it out and hopefully you are changed by this...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have the amazing privilege to stay this weekend with my friend and her three amazing kids. This morning as we were dressing the kids, her son and daughter were showing me their ultrasound pictures...her son said, "Look, Mommy ate me!"

Then as her daughter was putting on her new clothes for the day, she said, "Mom, I stayed dry (referring to her underwear)...smell them!" Yeah, her mom didn't.

I love her kids...they always refer to me as my whole name, never just Cathy. I feel like a celebrity with grateful!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Truth, not Lies

Today is a PMS day. Sorry to the guys who actually read this! I took a Zumba class tonight because I am running tomorrow and wanted something different. It was hard to pick up the steps and to try and make my hips swing like they should just wasn't working. Plus, I'm feeling frumpy and big and fat. When the class ended, I did the best thing that I could for myself.

I marched myself upstairs and pulled my skinny pants out of the closet. Okay, they used to be skinny pants, now they're my can't keep them on jeans. They literally fall off me. I reminded myself that I am not where I was. I am where I need to be right now. I am being healthy and taking care of myself and that's what's important. So, I'm not a size 2...I can run and I can enjoy life.

A dear friend sent an e-mail to me and it reminded me to know the truth, regardless of what I'm feeling...very true! I'm also reading an amazing book, Crazy Love, and will blog about that soon, but I also need to remember that there are some things in life that are not that important to worry about and that I need to depend on Him completely. Feeling frumpy, but knowing that He thinks I'm beautiful is one of those things!!!

The Day...

Today was an interesting day. Nothing too spectacular, but it was a funny day here and there. One of my boys (who I dearly love) wears his heart on his sleeve. Apparently he told something to another friend and another boy overheard and told me. I had him apologize to the teacher he made his comment to and watched his whole demeanor change. I pulled him aside later to have him explain how he was feeling. He wrote me a note and then later blamed this boy for bending his eraser. The boy didn' heart on the sleeve boy did. He was exacting revenge! Later, he told me he's been trying to get revenge on this boy for destroying his life. His words exactly...such drama. I love these boys dearly and by the end of the day, I think we had it more figured out and everyone calmed down.

Another boy in my room today, who is currently going through testing to see if there is a disability or emotional issue was out in the hallway. He was thirsty so he got a drink. From this fountain.

Oh were thinking he used the spout, right? WRONG! He licked where the standing water was. Makes me want a tetanus shot for my mouth...ugh!

We ended the day starting The Tale of Despereaux!!! I wish you could have heard how they were gasping and exclaiming and talking about the characters. They all yelled, "It's the red thread!" Can't wait to continue this with them tomorrow!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

March 10 is missing...

Where did March 10 go? I was talking with our writing coach this morning and was a little bummed that I had not won on the 31 days slice of life challenge when I had written on all of the days. I went over my posts this evening and somehow March 10 didn't get a that happened, I don't know. Life happened that day...but what exactly, who knows?

I didn't win...but what I did win was a more confident approach in my writing. I'm able to speak more to my students about my writing and what I do as a writer. I've tried out different techniques and paid more attention to writing. I'm a better writer. I did win and so did my students. They gained a teacher who truly wants to push them because they have something to share too...I wish you could read what they come up with...they are amazing and talented. The writing and reading workshop in our rooms could last for hours and hours if I would let them. I love where my class is right now...