Thursday, April 7, 2016

You don't know me...

Yesterday's doctor visit was not so fun.  I had made a conscious decision to NOT look at the scale anymore.  I'm at the point where gaining a pound a week is normal.  I have 15 weeks to go...adding another 15 pounds will put me at about 35 pounds gained during this pregnancy.

I didn't look at the number and it was killing me.  I had asked my husband to not look either and he did glance at it.

During our visit with the doctor, the good news that came out was the baby boy is most likely not going to be a ten pounder!  Yay for me!  However, he's inside and not out yet.

I was bringing up some foot pain I am having, which I am assuming it's because of my extra weight right now on my body.  I then lost it.  The doctor (who I had seen for the first time) said if I am really having a hard time with the weight gain, that he can set me up with a diabetic counselor to create a diabetic diet.  And then I really lost it.

This doctor doesn't know me.  He doesn't know the 60 pounds I had lost through Weight Watchers.  He doesn't know that I'm a Weight Watcher leader.  He doesn't know the food I eat or the choices I make (granted, not all of them have been healthy and yes, I have overate).  He told me to eat fruit, vegetables, protein, and watch the carbs.  Don't do the pasta every night...maybe just once a week.

Well, doctor, I'll have you know that the pasta I do eat is whole grain.  I eat whole grains most of the time and have a weakness for cereal.

Nate was wonderful afterwards and wanted me to know how much weight I had gained in the five weeks since my last appointment.  Two pounds...which is less than the pound a week gain that's normal right now.

I am more determined now to continue to put healthy foods into my body when I am hungry and to fill my purse with amazing snacks so I always have a good choice.  And to remind myself that I do know what to do...I just have to continue with the willpower to do the right thing.