Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No more excuses...

I think I've used every one in the book.  No more.  I'm back.  Regardless of the plantar wart that was injected last week on my foot.  Regardless of my ear infection.  Regardless of the fact that I cannot run a full mile (probably could).  I'm back.

I laced up my new shoes, loaded my iPod with a few more songs, and headed out the door.  Plan?  Run a song, walk a song.  Two mile course.  Down and back.

I did it.  And I have the proof.  With breaking in my new shoes, my left foot always seems to pay.  Pay it did.  Thank you, shoes.  Thank you, road.  Thank you, music.  I enjoyed it.  I'll be back.

Yes, that's blood...breaking in new shoes!

Coincidences...or God planning it all!

This past weekend, I headed to a nearby large town that actually has a Target!  I had a wedding in this town and had also been to a concert there and stayed with a friend so I didn't have to drive it all over again in the morning.

After the wedding, I went and bought some new running shoes, some Zumba shoes, and headed to Target for odds and ends.  I was hungry (had skipped the reception) and wanted some Archer Farm Honey Mustard pretzels.  I couldn't find them in one aisle, so I turned the corner and ran into two great friends!

The funny part was, one of them had just (and I mean just) been talking about me.  I used to make snack bags for her after her long runs so she had something to eat during church.  She had just said my name and I turned the corner.

God is so funny!

Entering the morning...

I was given a small gift this morning...a two hour delay due to fog.  As I embrace being awake for two hours (had already had a shower and couldn't fall back asleep - and yes, I know those of you who don't get these delays are rolling your eyes), I decided to take advantage of the time.

Thus, a posting!  Breakfast eaten at home while drinking another cup of coffee.  A chapter read in my book club book.  Listening to Pandora.  Relaxing.  Taking in a deep breath and preparing for the day.  Knowing that He will provide the joy as I enter my classroom and have to figure out what to skip and what to try to accomplish in a shorter day.  Trusting that He will be my patience today.

What a great way to start a day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


53 days ago, I began a burpee challenge.  On my way to 100, I began noticing just my left shoulder aching after doing my burpees.  After talking with a friend, I decided to make it to 50.  I skipped one day and skipped yesterday because I had a massage...so tonight, I did 100.  Forty-nine for the missed day and 50 to finish and one more just to make sure I had done enough.

Done...now to begin another challenge...making good choices so a maid of honor dress will look great (no matter what style my sister chooses).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tonight I sit here feeling so incredibly blessed.
I began the day with hugs and hellos from students in the hallway.
I ended my school day with my old second graders bursting into my room to give me a hug.
I spent the afternoon with my dad and his wife.  I forgot how much I love seeing his face. I stood and just watched as they drove away.  I hugged him extra tight tonight.
I used a Groupon on a student massage.  Amazing!  My body is relaxed and so is my mind.  I didn't grade.  I didn't really plan.  I had a night off of school.

As I type tonight, the sun is setting, the breeze is blowing in my newly installed upstairs windows, and I am listening to worship on Pandora.

It's good to be still.  I needed this.  Thank you, Father, for such a day where I could just breathe.