Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calling All Ideas

As I begin to think about the first few weeks of school, I am trying to look ahead and map out my reading workshop. Does anyone have ideas as to an order that they enjoy doing with their class? Keep in mind I do second grade...I am going to hit procedures and expectations of what goes on during workshop time as well as conversations and conferencing...but as to other strategies within the workshop...I'm just wondering if there will be any method to my madness. All ideas are accepted! Thanks in advance!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of my Passions!

Here is a picture of my small group girls. Seated on the steps at church are all of them. We had just finished a book study on Captivating and I surprised them with a dinner. All of them actually made it...one of the first times ever, so I had to capture it in a picture. The second picture is the small group girls who went to Bigstuf in PCB, FL. It was a great time and they are absolutely amazing! I still find it to be so humbling how much they teach me and what beautiful women they are! I am so proud of them and wanted to show them off.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I am in my classroom today (ended up not tutoring), so I cleaned out old files and just tried to organize! Are there any other educators out there overwhelmed at the prospect of next year? Was I like this last year? I don't think so. I know that I'm still learning a lot with reading workshop and I am doing more now for the kids than I did a few years ago...just overwhelmed at where to begin. What procedures to teach? What assessments to use? What order to use? Whew! I'm probably overwhelming you as you read.

However, in response to my last post, what does it look like to follow Jesus as a teacher? I've come up with a small answer. We are talking about worship at church. Giving my career to God and allowing Him to sustain me, provide me with resources, and doing the very best I can for these kids is just a part of it.