Monday, August 31, 2015

Here it comes

Well, September is going to bring some challenges.

First, I am going to use the Simply Filling technique in Weight Watchers.  It helps me eliminate more of my processed snacks (which I can still eat, but I count).  I also have to listen to my body.  That's often the hardest.

Two, I joined a StepTember challenge at a nearby church that Nate and I tried out on Sunday.  I'm not giving up on my home church, but I don't love the 40 minute drive and it would be nice to get connected with people in this area as well.

The challenge from the church is Bible readings from Colossians, drinking water (not sure how much yet), and walking (or running) a daily mile.

Ready to embrace the challenges!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Changing it Around

I set up the kitchen ahead of time, but as you use places, you discover things.

Such as, I love my lazy susan cabinet, but what do you do with the never-ending top cabinet?  My Tupperware and plastic containers ended up wanting their own zip code.  I stacked them...or so I thought.  And then, they kept disappearing to the back.  Frustrated with being frustrated, I made a change!

I ended up buying a few turntables and moved a lot of my baking items and ingredients there and the Pyrex, Tupperware, and small containers into the lazy susan.  Love it!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Gaining...both on the scale and mentally

So I gained at my weigh in.  Not a big amount.  1.5 pounds.  I'm still at goal.

But I also gained some knowledge.  I eat my feelings.  Duh...

I know I gained because of poor tracking...Um, I think I didn't eat 49 extra points during the week or did I?

I know I gained because I ate when I wasn't hungry.

I know I gained.  But I also gained some power.

After the meeting, I came home and measured my meal and tracked it.  Every lovely bite of the sweet corn that I had bought at a farmer's market down to the gram.  I also had to wait another 3 hours before my hubby would be home.  Three hours to fill.  And I wanted to fill it with food.

I made myself go through why I wanted the food.  The answer was shocking and powerful.  Because I wanted to avoid doing work.  I didn't want to finish the laundry and make the bed and put away the clean clothes in the basket.  I didn't want to wipe off the counters and fill the dishwasher.

I let myself eat my nightly snack of yogurt, pb2, fruit, and cereal.  But tonight, I also made myself eat with a teaspoon.  It slowed me down and made me think.

After sharing with a friend about wanting to avoid doing work and wanting to eat, I hopped to it.  Played some music and got the sheets onto the bed.  Put the new load into the dryer...and now I'm trying to decide if I should do some school work or read...hmmm, avoidance issues???

So thankful...

It's gone.  My old house.  And I'm finally okay with it.

We visited my family (now three hours away - an extra half hour got added to our drive) and when we drove home last night, it felt like it.

I was so incredibly blessed to have so much help move into my new house and a dear friend who left behind one package.  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift of snacks and cleaning supplies...just thought my blogging world should know that I'm finally home and loving it!