Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tell it Tuesday

I weighed in after having some issues following Simply Filling in Weight Watchers.  I had a hard time not adding in my extra points and not stopping when satisfied.  I panicked and ended up going back to tracking.

My weight tonight was down .2 from two weeks ago, which is better than a gain.  I am over my goal weight (by 1.6)  and within my range, but would like to lose about five pounds...I'd feel better in my pants (considering I lose there) and feel better about not being so close to the upper range.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Me Monday

My plan to take care of myself this week is to track my snacks.  I tend to not and it bites me in the butt on weigh-in days.  

I just joined a gym here (about a mile from my house).  It's got what I need.  Treadmills, ellipticals, weights, a rowing machine, and a locker room with showers (just in case I can't get back to the house).

Monday - rode my bike to weigh in and planning on walking for at least 20 minutes.
Tuesday - my class I teach
Wednesday - workout - with Nate hopefully - cardio at the gym.
Thursday - PT conferences - night off
Friday - run after school
Saturday - cardio and weights at gym

I Choose Me...

Tonight, I am choosing me.  I am choosing to be good to myself.  I am choosing to set up a schedule for the week.

I also hate that I am not blogging as much.

It might help if I focus on certain things through the week.

So, just thinking through...

Monday - Me Monday - my schedule of how I will take care of myself each week.

Tuesday - Tell you Tuesday - how my weigh-in on Monday went.

Wednesday - What I Ate - meals from the week or a day.

Thursday - Thrilling Thursday - things that made me smile this week.

Friday - Five for Friday - five things...might be random, not sure yet.

Saturday/Sunday - not sure yet...any ideas?

Thanks for putting up with me...and letting me continue my journey here.