Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm hopeless

I find that my routine has changed slightly. 

Yes, I still get up at the same time.
Yes, I still come and do my school work before school.
Yes, I still stay a bit after and piddle around.
Yes, I still work out.
Yes, I still read (but it's definitely less).
Yes, I still go to bed early...

But I get woken up shortly after I've fallen asleep and talk on the phone.  I am so enjoying my boyfriend.  He's kind and thoughtful and a good fit. 

What's changed?

My weekend time.
My evening time is spent cleaning up the house more since I am gone on the weekends or he's over. 
My prepping of meals Sunday.
My blogging...I used to do more on the weekends and late at night.

I need to figure this out...