Monday, November 5, 2012

Coming clean...literally (I think)

I have hired an organizer...why?  Well, let the photos speak for themselves.  I am using my blog here to come clean...and hopefully get clean and organized.  In a better way.  I use organization, but do I do it to the best that I could?  I am a messy, visual, got to see my stuff person and I am hoping that with some help, I might get there.  Here are some before shots.  I'm writing what I like about the spaces and what I don't...

I have special places for just looks a little  messy and I need to clean up over by the printer.

Our the amount of books!  I have baskets that hold our extra Kleenexes and our math stations. to clean off counters and keep them cleaned off.  I also want to make the shelves underneath look more uniform and not as cluttered.

My desk/work station/student seats (three of them).  Got to clean it off!!!

Our meeting area.  I have a basket to hold books I am using with the kids.

Argh...I have boxes and baskets...but am I utilizing it to the fullest?

The wires are lovely, aren't they?

See, I'm using small space!  Love The Container's holding math manipulatives.

Where I put items for our small group times and underneath holds math station bins.

Um, again, more storage...there's lots of good junk underneath in the cabinets.

I'll be sure to update you with new photos...