Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Coming...

The third season of Downton Abbey!!!!  An e-mail popped up and I can pre-order the third season.  Love it!!!  Anyone else a fan?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun with Friends

Dinner, wine, food, friends, and a baby!  A wonderful evening!

Our famous chef...butternut squash and sage pizza on honey wheat dough.

It was amazing!

Zucchini and goat cheese with basil...again, yum!

That's almost his whole hand in there!

That's his, "Cathy, why aren't you holding me?" look.

That's his, "I am missing you Cathy" look.

That's his concerned look...about to flip me off!

What I'm Reading...

I know a lot of people who post what is on their reading list.

I am joining the bandwagon!  Plus, I love reading!!!

The first two are in a trilogy (Uglies).  Pretties and Specials by Scott Westerfield.  Kate Morton has a new book coming out so I'm trying out another one of hers before it.  I LOVED The Forgotten Garden by her, so I'm hoping for another great one.  White Cat and Blood Red Road were recommendations from the librarian there who also loved Divergent.  We'll see...

What are you reading?

Hey Megan...

My friend is in Tanzania and while she may not read is dedicated to her!

I kept running!
I ran on Wednesday (just a little) and didn't want to run tonight with my other friends on the trails.
I kept running!
I only ran for seven minutes the first round and we wanted 20 total.
I kept running!
I fell.  A Superman fall, arms out and down to the ground I went.  My body was covered with dirt, but thankfully no blood.
I kept running!
We made twenty minutes...
I kept running!
If Megan had been with me, she would have pushed...I pushed myself because that's what Megan would do!

Some of my favorites so far...

I think I will have some very funny stories from this class!

I was using a baseball analogy, you're up, you're on deck, and you're in the hole.  Well, the kid that I told was in the hole came up with a very serious expression on his face and asked me where the hole was.

I just giggled inside.


We played the national anthem on September 11th and after it was over, one of my boys told another in a shocked voice, "That song was from The Dark Knight Rises."  Oh my!