Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No New Updates...

Nothing new on the dating front...other than still getting together...and trying to enjoy it where it is and not rush anything. I'm finding that I really do overanalyze and I need to take a step back and just breathe. Just filling in all of those people who actually do know me and read my blog and have been walking with me on this journey...

Love it!!

I am currently reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo...AMAZING! My class loves the book so much that today they requested we read it again...We have one chapter to go! Thanks, btw, to Hillary for suggesting this book!

My favorite line has been and I'm paraphrasing it - He gave you up so you can be completely healed. It made me think of my relationship with Christ and how He gave His everything so I could be healed...

We've been able to infer, predict, and just have conversations as readers through this book. I'm going to follow up this book with The Velveteen Rabbit since it has a similar message.

Today, as I was reading, one of my students gasped and three kids started waving their hands. You ask why? Because yesterday he had asked a question and today his question had been answered and he and three other kids realized it. They are becoming thinkers and talkers...finally! Most of it seems to happen when we are collective as a group, but I'm excited still!

Anyone have any other great books they'd like to recommend as read alouds? I'm also going to read Gooney, the Fabulous since we are going to start synthesizing and have been practicing writing summaries this week. Each chapter is kind of a fable and we'll be able to infer a lesson through the fable as well.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Day Living

Okay, so after starting to date this guy who lives about an hour away...I am finding that I am living for the days that we get together. Being honest.

Sunday through Friday can come and go quickly!!! I want the time that I have with him...which is not always great because I can miss out on the amazing things that happen when we aren't together.

So my goal for this week is to live for each day that I have and what's around me at any given moment. Tonight I have the opportunity to encourage my small group girls to believe the best of them...that's what I'm focusing on tonight. Monday, I am going to try and make my students day at school a good one...encouraging them and loving them. I also have the opportunity to invest into some college girls' lives tomorrow that's something else I can also focus on.

Maybe by doing this, I will start to enjoy the other six days as much as I enjoy the one day.


I haven't blogged lately...partly because I'm in a funk and partly because of another situation. I feel like I am in a funk with school...we recently added a new student to our class and it's been some adjusting. That has truly thrown me off and then I feel like an imposter in my workshops...I can't do the Reading Workshop the way I want and that frustrates me. I want to go on a different path, but our corporation has asked us to follow the layout of what we's been tough. And then I feel like my students are not becoming as strong of a writer as they should...

UGH!!! I am hoping that after coming back from winter break and then our cold weather break that this will begin to turn around. I am the one who can make that happen. I need to become more intentional about my workshops...that's one goal for the week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Student Funnies

A few comments made by my cherubs:

I was eating yogurt and an oatmeal bar at my desk while printing papers for their students kept saying it smells like maple syrup. I finally said to one of my girls (after hearing it 4 times), I think it's my oatmeal bar. She replied, "I thought it was the printer." Yep...cause printers normally smell like sweets!

I asked my students what they wanted to listen to...Josh Groban, Michael Buble, or Harry Connick. Great choices, huh! One of my boys said, "Josh Croban." I said, it's Groban with a, Miss Laker it's Croban because my mom loves him. I told him with finality in my voice...It's Groban with a which he replied, "It may start with a g, but it's a silent g that sounds like a c." I hope he learns more about phonics. Actually, he's one of my brightest students...just a great sense of humor.

Today, we were making the -ay, they did not come up with that word...But I always ask the students that after they tell me the word, they tell me what it begins with. One of my girls told me jay...I waited for the beginning of the letter from her mouth. I then prompted her...letter??? She said, "jay." Duh, I'm thinking, I heard your word. I asked her again, "Letter??? What does it begin with?" She said again, "Jay." It took me a minute...Oh yeah, duh, she was telling me j...not jay. I need sleep is what it boils down to!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Official!

So, i'm officially dating. We had the talk last night and it brings a sense of relief. Knowing he wants to spend time with me and want to get to know me better even after talking on the phone and having a couple of dates. I've enjoyed my time with him so far and so begins a journey...Through this, I want to know myself better, rest in the fact that I have no control (with certain things), and continue to serve God where He has me. I want to enjoy this time...not think about the what ifs and I should have and what is he thinking...just enjoy...

It's been fun so far! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Okay, so while the Colts lost tonight...I had a wonderful evening. I met my "risk" earlier this week and after talking with friends, just wasn't sure...I'm so glad I just let tonight be a night of fun. We went to dinner, a bookstore, and then to another restaurant to watch the Colts lose...bummer. However, I had a fabulous night...I'm glad I gave tonight a chance...I'll have some sweet dreams!