Saturday, December 31, 2011

Love the Lights

I love Christmas (which is a new change for me).  Don't get me started on holidays and why I didn't use to enjoy them...

Besides being able to focus on Jesus being born, I love Christmas lights!  I think they can be a bright spot in darkness.

I recently visited some of my family in southern Indiana and took some pictures of their lights.  In fact, my aunt got nervous and came out looking for me in her car.  Thank goodness, it's a small town!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I wrote a book!  I also made a "John Deere" scarf for my nephew.

While the book has to be previewed first (apparently certain things scare my nephew), I am hoping he will love the scarf.

He always asks about it when he's on the phone with me.  In fact, it's the FIRST thing he asks for.  Kind of sweet!

Favorite present?

Pizza made with a great present...

A digital food scale which doubles as a measuring cup!

My sister rocks!  She picked out a great present.  A digital food scale.  Excited to embark using this scale and monitoring my food choices better and using recipes that use different measuring scales.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday photos....

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are a blur for me.  They consist of painting.  And painting.  And painting.  Ugh...I'm finally done (but getting ready to go to Ikea, so final pictures will come later).

I'm so tired of stuff being everywhere!!!

Did I keep it this way???  You'll see!

Santa's reindeer!!!

The deer that came through my mom's backyard...there were eight of them!

I think they are looking for Rudolph or the way, every time I type Santa, I type Satan first...hmmmm.

My sister opening up the wrapping of her blanket (which was hidden in my car).

Me opening my brother-in-law's was a prank wrapped in  duct tape.

My sister and her bowl.  It's red (her favorite color), from Target (her favorite store), and on clearance for 49 cents (she loves clearance!).  Yay!


I took a photo of the stocking that I've had since I can remember.  D, does it look familiar?  :)

When I was watching my friend's kids, I noticed her looked just like mine!

I stayed at my mom's house Christmas Eve, knowing that my stocking was empty Christmas Eve and would contain pears and lottery tickets the next morning.

Don't ask about sleeping on the couch in the basement.  My sister's dog woke me up several times and her clicking nails on the laminate floor in the morning wasn't great either, but it was wonderful to wake up and enjoy Christmas morning with my family.

Caught my eye

What was I doing the day before Christmas Eve?  Shopping!!!

I was picking up a calendar for my mom's friend and out of the corner of my eye, I spy...

this amazing bag!

Don't worry, there's a reason why I paid what I paid for it.  But more about that later...


I haven't blogged since Friday.  Argh!  I have taken photos every day they come...

Friday, December 23, 2011


My Wednesday and Thursday photos are my before and after shots of my house.  Wait for more though...going to repaint too!  That'll come in the next few weeks, I think.  FYI, pictures are out of order.

What was under the carpet and padding

The other side...

Under the carpet

My step-dad cleared out the thankful for him!  

Where I stored everything while I waited for installation







Tile is almost gone!

In the middle of it all...

Sawdust galore...will it ever go away?


Getting underway!
More sawdust!

Sawdust to clean...





 What do you think???


I love receiving gifts.  Who doesn't?

I also love receiving heartfelt gifts.

I love receiving gifts where someone truly thought of you...

And hence, one of my favorites...

A clipboard made by our reading coach for me.  She put some of my favorite books on here as well as the comprehension strategies and personalized it with colors fitting my bee theme.  I blurred out my name (got a reputation to protect).

I love it!!!  It made me cry and appreciate her even more.  Thank you!!!

Thank goodness!

I'm a little behind on photos...but I am taking at least one a day. Here's Tuesday's photo.

I don't know why I picked his desk, but I did.

And thank goodness I did.

Date cleaned out - December 20, 2011.

Expiration date - November 25, 2011.

When placed in desk - sometime before November 25.

Smelly factor - 10 to the 10th degree.  It was nasty!  So glad I cleaned it out and made him throw it away.

And yes, I did make the student smell it.  He needed to know.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Did that just happen?

Readers, I have always been honest with you.  What I am about to share may shock you, may cause you sadness, may cause you to laugh.  I share because it's part of me and because it completely makes me laugh.

I have recently returned the wide world of internet dating.  Sigh.

Most of the guys aren't real potentials and from some e-mails, never seem to go anywhere...until last week.  After chatting again with a match from earlier in the process, we decided that maybe (okay, he finally got over the distance deal - it's only three and a half hours) we would meet.  We seemed to banter well online and after exchanging phone numbers, began to text and call.

For a moment, I thought...hmmm, potential.

And then...

I was awakened Sunday night by a text from him.  We texted back and forth and then there was a pause.

And then...

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Yes, a text and this is what it said...

Name and number blocked out to protect his identity

No, readers, that date was not with me. And so began a conversation of we are just meant to be friends...he can't get over how far away I am.  And he would feel bad if I had to drive two hours to go see him.  Blah, blah, blah.  

However, after asking him some questions about his fun date, I get the sense I dodged a bullet.  A giant bullet.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I not only didn't waste mobile to mobile minutes, I saved myself some gas money.  Will use that towards my house interior remodeling!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I love green.  I love red.  I love green and red together.  Enough said. 

I saw my friend at church Sunday and had to take a picture!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Perspectives

Two of the ladies present...Betty (left) hosted us!

Our amazing spread at our book study tonight.  I love these ladies!  There's a group of educators that formed a book club and graciously let me join.

These ladies are so near and dear to my heart.  Some I worked with.  Some I am getting to know.  Some are retired.  Some are married.  All are amazing!  All love to read!  All make me laugh.  All teach me to listen (I'm still working on it).  All teach me to enjoy life.

Love, love, love them and our Monday night book club nights.