Saturday, November 29, 2008

Becoming or Staying?

I've always been pretty honest with some of my postings when they are in regards to me. Today is no different. Through a few conversations with others, I keep coming back to the question of, "When will my life change?" I have lots of friends who are either dating, getting married, having kids, or their kids are growing up. I feel like at times my life is just standing still while others' lives keep moving.

I know I'm probably not the same person I was a year ago...but what have I become? I think that I am more obsessed with food and working out than before (not a good thing), more confident of my teaching ability (some days), more honest with God (that's a good thing), more appreciative of my friends, and more aware of my need to be with others and not alone all of the time.

Sometimes it's just frustrating. Does anyone else feel this way?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Please Consider...

If you consider yourself a prayer warrier, please read and pray!!! Join me in praying for total healing in my co-worker's daugher's life!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I was in the computer lab with my class today. As I was helping one child...I noticed a distinct odor. I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom and she said "No." I then tried to figure out... who cut the cheese? I then politely asked her if she had passed gas. She said, "No...I farted."

I say tomato, you say tomato...I just smiled and walked away.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I was at recess duty on Thursday afternoon. It was a dreary day and had snowed off and on throughout the day. I debated on whether or not I should take the kids outside. I opted to take them out so they could run off energy.

One student made a few poor choices and I had him stay with me and walk around. I had the bright idea to see if he could run between the two basketball goals in less than 15 seconds. He we tried it again...he did it again. This time, one of my students wanted to do it too (a girl), so I thought they could race.

Many kids came and watched with anticipation. The race began and in just a few steps, the little girl's shoe fell off. I thought that she'd stop and complain...but no! She kicked off the other shoe and kept running...down the pavement they ran and around the pole and on the way back she kicked it into high gear and just barely beat him.

She walked back...put on her shoes and then noticed that her socks were a little on the wet side. She told me her mother would kill her, so I wrote a note to help explain the situation.

If it had been me in her shoes (or lack thereof), I would have stopped, gave up, and whined to go in...not her! What a great lesson I learned from her that day. She is a great example of what perseverance and gumption look like.


First off...thanks lately to all of the comments and new names of readers that I don't's such a humbling thing to know that what you're writing people actually read.

Tonight I sit in a local coffee house working on a unit plan. I finally stepped up to the plate and am helping write unit plans for the reading curriculum adopted (for anyone new, I don't particularly love it). My unit is inferring...which I love...just not the literature they chose.

I cannot tell you how intimidating it is to write out plans and know that three other educators are going to be reading it and while maybe not out loud and to your face, but critiquing it just the same.

It's a good stepping stone for me. Putting my ideas out there (odd as they may be sometimes) for others to read, try, and help make better.

I'll be letting you know what they thought in a few weeks...and Sarah...we'll be bringing in some trash!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm an Idiot

I’m not really an idiot…but sometimes I let others make me feel like one. I don’t even know why I care. Lately, it’s been at school that I feel inferior…but I’m a good teacher (most days). Today, it was at the gym. It just feels that sometimes there is nothing I can do to make these guys accept me.

I know…that’s where my problem is. They don’t need to accept me and that’s the way I need to live my life. I have full acceptance through Christ…I just have to claim it. And remember that these guys at the gym have no say over who I am…(yes, Troy, I'm sure you can infer one of the guys)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Being Honest

Yesterday was not a great day at school. I felt like I kept snipping at the class. During my reading workshop, some of the kids kept interrupting me. As a result, I had a heart to heart with them.

After school, I met with some AMAZING teachers and shared my frustration. One of them...whom I dearly love...has had the same problem. She shared with me that my "talking time" is probably not as long as the students' working time. She shared that with her class. I decided to take her lead today and share it with mine too.

I drew them a pie graph and showed them the amount of time they have to work, share, and my time to teach. I was hoping to show them that their time outweighs mine and my "talking time" is very small, but very precious.

As I taught today...I felt that we accomplished a lot more. Simply because they knew their time was more than mine.

And as a sidenote, as we were reading in our informational big book, a pie graph was shown and I was able to explicitly teach it...because they remembered the graph I showed them about my "talking time".

Things are looking up in our room!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Since i put the counter on it...5555 people have visited my blog. Of course, I was number 5555.

Woo hoo!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joys of Being Single - Timing

There are days that I want to be in a relationship. There are days that I'm frustrated because I'm not in one. Most of my friends are either in a serious relationship, engaged, or married. I don't understand why I'm not in one. I'm a smart girl, who works out, takes care of her body, is pretty smart, can carry a conversation, can cook, and somewhat physically attractive. I dress nicely...what's the deal?

While there are some guys that I might find interesting, there isn't anyone pursuing me. But tonight, I at least had some understanding that for right now, God has me in a season of others. One of my small group girls is going through a really rough family situation and while I was visiting with some of the girls tonight...they suggested a sleepover. So, twenty-four hours from now, I'll have possibly 7 high school girls here and I'll be trying to get some sleep.

Yes, I'm excited that I have the chance to invest in these girls' lives...but my heart still longs for a relationship that, hopefully, someday, God will bring together.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you...

After spending a few days with my friend in Buffalo, I was amazed at how much time her son spends in school. I too often forget that I have my cherubs for many hours of the day and have a HUGE impact on how they live their lives. I thought about that today as I tried to encourage each and every child. Thank you to my parents who read this blog that you trust me with your children. It makes me appreciate my job more knowing that parents are depending on me to help push their child to be the best they can be.

Woo hoo!

My beginning of the month update:

I did two pull ups (no assistance)
18 seconds for a bent arm hang
I cannot do an unassisted dip yet

Woo hoo!