Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay, I just got back from our Bigstuf trip in Panama City Beach, Florida. I had a great time, but one question that I am just going to throw out that I am processing in my mind a teacher, what does following Jesus look like? Not just believing in Him, but being a follower and do as He's asked. I have more about the trip and pictures to post, but wanted to at least throw out my first huge question that I will be looking at and trudging through.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pursue - Custom comment codes Even though no one has challenged me with the "one word" to focus on, reading all of the other blogs has made me think. Pursue is the best word I can come up with simply because I am always wanting others to pursue me (being brutally honest), whether that be friends, God, or yes, a man. But in thinking about what word I could focus on for the year, what about my pursuit? My pursuit of my future students and their education, my pursuit of my relationship with God, my pursuit of my friends and family, and my pursuit of learning? Am I willing to push on to become what God wants of me this year and let go of what others think of me? I'm getting closer every day to that attitude...and by focusing on what I need to pursue...I'll get there.

By the way, ever type a word so many times you wonder if you spelled it correctly?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...long time no blog. I am beginning my literacy task force reading by the poolside (isn't it great to be an educator? and a big thanks to the Brown's who have an amazing pool and are so generous). As I was reading, I am constantly thinking of what I'll be doing in my classroom in the fall. Do other people find Reading and Writing Workshop taking over their mind and allowing them to embrace more planning for the future? Or am I just obsessed?

You all (whoever reads this) have always been so encouraging and have great ideas...thought I'd throw out a question. Does anyone have great songbooks they use in the beginning of the year with their class? For new readers, I have second grade...and will have 3 identified students who most likely are non-readers or minimal...Looking for all great ideas to incorporate! Thanks in advance!