Monday, February 15, 2016

Bump Update

I know this will sound bad, but hear me out.  I was overweight most of my life due to poor eating habits and not knowing the value of exercise.  I lost weight through Weight Watchers and now, as I watch the scale inching upwards again, it's hard.  It's hard to wrap my brain around the reason why I am gaining weight and it's a good thing, I know.  But it's hard.  It's become a prayer to embrace my new body and to know that after the baby comes, there will be work to move back towards what is healthy for me.

So, my bump update.

Well, at the beginning of the day, it's quite small and by the time the day has progressed, so has my belly.  I'm taking these bump updates from Courtney at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.

Right now, I am at 17 weeks and the baby is the size of a turnip. Next will be a sweet potato.
Weight gained: At least 15 pounds, but am reigning it in.  I was up last week and down this past Saturday.  It's about listening to my body and filling it with healthy foods when I am hungry.  I also made my couch a no-eating zone, which is A HUGE victory for me!
Workouts: The first trimester was awful!  I was so tired and couldn't get off the couch.  I was at the gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I did low-impact Zumba in my basement Friday.  So happy with moving again!
Symptoms: The indigestion is still happening, but not as much.  That's about it now!  There was no throwing up in first trimester!
Food Aversions:  Not sprouts though.  And I love brussels sprouts.
Food Cravings: Carbs!!!  I'm trying to drink tons of water, so I bought some water enhancers to make it go down faster!
Sleep: I wake up at least once to go to the bathroom...I've heard it gets worse.
Maternity clothes?:  Completely!  I've bought a few maternity leggings for my tunics and a few friends have loaned me their maternity clothes.  So thankful!
Stretch marks? Maybe...but I had them from before, so who cares if there are more?
Miss Anything?  All of my venti, full-fledged filled caffeinated coffees. Having to heat up lunch meat instead of just eating it.  Tasting cookie dough (even though I barely did that before).
Fun & Weird Stuff From the Week: Maybe I've felt the baby move, but it might be gas too, so not sure.  
Baby Items Purchased: None. Not until I know if it's a boy or girl.
Looking Forward To: We have a reveal party coming March 12...and then there's a child's clothing consignment market (it's huge) the following Saturday. Feeling the baby move and knowing it's the baby.
Questions for the Moms:
  • What supplies are a must?
  • How many outfits should be bought for each size?  My husband and I disagree on this one?
  • Cloth or disposable diapers?


Bobbie said...

Insurance may cover your breast pump let me know if you need that info for you to check on. We bought one for Jack ($300!!!) and got a free one with Syd although we never used it and gave it to a friend. Medela is the brand to go with. Swaddlers and Skeeo sacs are a must (Halo and Summer Infant are good brands). We did Playtex Drop ins for bottles. Nuk Learn Cups were the best transition sippy. We have a Baby Brezza for when I made baby food for Jack (I never made any for Syd she went straight to table food and rejected most baby food. Very independent, that one, lol.) The best swing to get is the Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing. Syd won't wear most shoes, bows, or hats so although they are cute they aren't practical. I recommend Roobez once you do start using shoes. Pediped and Stride Rite are good once you want a solid sole to the shoe. Carters clothes stay the softest, last the longest, and are the most flexible in terms of sizing,I've found. I prefer their brand.

Jack went through 2-3 outfits a day (boys.... Lots of accidents if you don't learn to point things down even in a diaper). Syd I'd say 1-2 outfits a day. It all depends how often you want to do laundry. ;) The older they get the less they dirty clothes.

We did disposable diapers. Bobbie couldn't sultans the idea of washing those things out. We did try them for Syd when she got a HORRIBLE diaper rash that bled for 2 months straight (from Huggies we think....) but the cloth diapers only made things worse and they smelled... I'm a Pampers snob but Syd's day care now provides diapers (Cutie brand???) and she hasn't had any issues with them.

Anyway if I think of more I'll let you know.


Lara Miller said...

I got a free breast pump with our last one, also. Our OB/GYN had to write a script for it and we picked it up at a medical supply store. If you buy one, I recommend Medela double pump. Ours lasted through all four of our kids and the last two I was pumping exclusively for a couple months due to latching issues.
As far as clothes, I wouldn't go too overboard because he/she may grow super fast. But, I know it's hard to do so have fun with it! As far as quantity, the onesies are what I always had plenty of.
Disposable is the only way I would do it but that's a personal choice.
A must have for when he/she is a bit older are placemats that have sticky strips on the edges for restaurants. Love them! The only place I've seen them is WalMart.
Celebrate every small and big milestone. They go by so fast!

Unknown said...

What an overwhelming time it is to see all the baby items out there . Something that is FOR SURE with little ones is that they are so different and their needs are so different--and Mama advice is endless. What one baby liked, another one won't!

For us with Sam, I wished I had more real burp rags--we had a lot of spit up. The old-fashioned cloth diaper ones. They work the best, cover the most shoulder, and you can bleach them if they get nasty. I had SO MUCH given to us as gifts, that I purposely did not buy these because I used whatever we had--swaddle blankets, cutesy-too-small-burp rags, etc.

Having a breast pump that is aimed at comfort and convenience for you is important. This newborn time is filled uncomfortable things and your time is at the most premium it will ever be, so you really "need" to think of yourself, too. Bags of peas in the freezer for areas of swelling (when milk comes in, etc.). A Fisher Price Rock-n-Play or a bouncer seat or a swing--somewhere for you to put baby apart from you so you can shower, eat, rest, etc--daddy and grandparents' arms work well, too. Get the vibrations, songs, etc. kind because you might just get desperate for anything that calms little Baby Cole. Halo Swaddle Sacks--pay for the brand name--these also go along with "whatever calms baby". Snacks. Lots of snacks.

Clothes: newborns grow out of newborn sizes very quickly--Sam grew out of NB by 2 weeks. Get a handful of 'sleepers' or Carter's calls them 'sleep-n-plays'. Get these with zippers. Let's make nighttime feedings/changes as fast as possible, ok? A few pacifiers. A baby tub/bath to help you hold the wet wiggly body--but when Sam was small, we just did washcloth baths on a towel on the bathroom counter (and of course, Chris would preheat the bathroom with steam, he was so concerned he would get cold.). The fun and cute bath stuff will come later. I'm anti-wipe-warmer because life is cold sometimes and they might as well get used to it soon. (Ha, ok, I wished later I had gotten one :) We had a LOT of baby washcloths (which I now use to wash my own face) and used those to cover the little PP during changes so at least the stream was directed down. I'd like to second what your other writer wrote about the Carter's clothing, Roobez, and PediPed/Stride Rite. Verbatim. Breast Pads. Again, quality is best, buy the good ones. Diapers, personal choice. So much of these things are figured out by trial and error and what works for you. I have a very favorite sippy cup for when your baby is ready for a transition cup, but that'll be later. Oh, and get those expensive Muslin fabric baby blankets/swaddles. Those are great in the summer!

I could write for the rest of the day on this, apparently! Let's just go shopping!