Sunday, June 14, 2009

What fun...

Tonight my girls and I zumbaed (is that a word???) and then listened to a podcast on idols. I finally had enough guts and courage to ask them to shut off or put phones on vibrate cause their texting during group get togethers can be considered rude. We listened to the podcast then talked. It was great! So wonderful to talk with them and just hear how things are with them. Afterwards, one of my older girls just sat and discussed what was going on with her was wonderful!

One of the biggest comments that sticks out in my mind came from Blue Like Jazz (a girl in our group is reading it and had a connection) - And I may be paraphrasing..."Falling in love with God is what gives us the fuel to obey."

And while we were sharing tonight, I shared with the girls that I used to hold being single for the rest of my life as a possible deal breaker with God, but lately, I am more okay with it. Not saying I wouldn't ever want to be married, but for the time being, I am more content than I think I have ever been. My girl who goes so deep (and is reading Blue Like Jazz) asked me what caused the turn around...and honestly, I don't know. Since the "break-up" in February, I think God has really brought a lot of truth to me about who I am and who He is and that through this, I can depend on Him. He can be my Healer and my Redeemer and my Provider, if I'll let Him be. So for today, that's enough. And tomorrow, He'll be enough's a day by day journey.

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