Sunday, June 21, 2009


A friend recently talked about how the present is so exciting for praise music, simply because we have so many gifted song writers out there that seem to write what I couldn't express in my own words. Which in turn, leads me closer to God.

Tomorrow, I get to sit before many authors who are passionate about literacy and children and teaching...people after my own heart. I am thankful that they use their gifts to pass knowledge on to us, who in turn, pass it on to others.

Today, at church, I discussed a small problem my bathroom is encountering with a guy that I know is pretty handy. He (immediately) offered to come, look at it, and help fix it. I was not expecting him to take on the project, maybe just point me towards someone who is gifted in that area.

The gifts that you have been given are not for have been created and crafted in such a way that begs to given to others. Whatever gifts you are blessed with, give. What you have to offer to others is amazing...never doubt it!

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Ingrid said...

You I reflect on our conversations in the farmland, I just smile an impish smile because YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL. I knew there was a certain something about you that set you apart....well, many somethings, really. You inspire me to recapture that spirit that is strong in faith, yet weak in was great to get to know you...your new friend...Ingrid