Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remembering the Good Times

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. Sometimes in the summer, I often find I have not much to say. I guess that goes to show how much of my life revolves around my teaching. Sad in a way, but yet, it shows that I'm dedicated to what I love. I have below some of the stories that occurred at the end of the year.

I did a unit at the end of the year with reading non-fiction. I explained and had the kids read several informational texts and pay attention to the pronouns. Did they know what the pronouns referred to as they read? I modeled and then had the kids practice it. One of my boys came up to me later and said, "The they (in one of our charts that we had written earlier in the year) refers to the writers...He got it! He took the skill and applied it to his own life and reading! Those are the times I wish I could record for others.

Another day my boys were talking with each other about if they would remember the conversations they had when they were in second grade. They were discussing being wrestlers when they are older. One of the boys said, "You'll recognize me, I'm keeping my red hair." - I don't think he could change his hair color if he was sweet to think that they will stay in touch when they are older.

We had the lovely caterpillar turning into a butterfly unit and the day that one of the butterflies emerged, my students were ecstatic! They were proclaiming that one of the boys was a daddy! Then they discussed what he was going to name his butterfly. Too cute! Although the daddy/mommy of the butterfly changed almost every hour as they tried to deduce whose chrysalis was empty.

A lesson on why schema is important. I was reading The Meanest Doll (a sequel to the Doll People) and the author used the word former. I wanted to make sure the students knew what former meant. I asked if they knew what it meant and one of my boys said, "Yeah, it means no longer." I was pleased as punch that he knew the meaning and then he continued,"Like the former WWE champion." I guess watching the WWE on TV isn't all that bad, huh?

I try to let the students be as independent as possible in my room. If they need a band-aid, they just go and get one from the drawer. Well, it's the end of the year and I'm out and apparently so is the nurse...and when my teacher's helper came back and informed the class, one of my girls (who is prepared for anything) said, "I have some in my bag." Now that is one prepared second-grader. I had to chuckle at the timing, and the willingness to mother her peers. :)

And one final conversation between my students that took place on the last day while we were eating snack in a circle. Two boys were talking with each other about who they wanted elected as the president. A third one chimed in.
Boy 1 - Who do you want, Hillary or Obama?
Boy 2 (interrupting) - John McCain
Boy 1 - I guess I don't really care. I just want the one who believes in the Bible more.
Boy 2 - Hillary doesn't believe in the Bible. She thinks it's good to kill babies.
I guess I should have had a unit on the primaries...And when I started to laugh and asked one of the boys to get my blogging notebook, he knew EXACTLY which notebook to grab. They've seen me write in it all Ruth, my notebook is getting some great writing in it!!!

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