Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calling All Ideas

As I begin to think about the first few weeks of school, I am trying to look ahead and map out my reading workshop. Does anyone have ideas as to an order that they enjoy doing with their class? Keep in mind I do second grade...I am going to hit procedures and expectations of what goes on during workshop time as well as conversations and conferencing...but as to other strategies within the workshop...I'm just wondering if there will be any method to my madness. All ideas are accepted! Thanks in advance!!!


Sarah Amick said...

I was going to follow the units of study in Growing Readers (Collins).
It should be an interesting year. My facilitator says, "anything you do toward this workshop can only benefit your students."
If you need a shoulder to lean on I am just a few keys away.

Deanna said...

Hey girl! You asked how to get a counter.... I THINK.... right click on mine at the bottom of my page and it will take you to the site. Somehow, you have to "embed" something into your blog page.... not sure about that part.... Scott helped! Ask him if you need to! :)

Hope that you are doing well and enjoying the last part of break! See you soon, I hope!!!

Sarah Amick said...

Cathy- I am still contemplating the songbooks. I bought a children's songbook and was going to make up some books. However, I have not done it yet. I may have to do it next year.
I would just put them out for a bit. I am going to be putting grade level appropriate books out on desks in bins until we aquire more text experiences.
Perhaps I will get the songbooks ready.?????

Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy! It's Traci...I've been meaning to call you...so one of these days I will. :) I always start the year doing some read alouds just sharing my thinking. Then I go into focusing on using schema to help understand what we read. MOT refers to it as making connections. I do use some of that terminology, but I've chosen to focus more on schema because that is the foundation for all of the strategies. I think there is a recommended order of strategies in MOT2, but my book is at school and I'm at home. I highly recommend MOT2 if you don't have it yet. It has 70% new material. Great stuff! Let me know if you want to know the MOT2 order. BTW, Dana and I get to pick up Chryse Hutchins, who worked with Ellin at the Denver Coaltion, on Monday because she is speaking at our opening session on Tuesday. We cannot wait to pick her brain.