Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh my!

My sister who was complaining about being broke sent me a teddy bear sweet! My kids saw the balloon and flowers from my mom and step-dad so they figured out that my birthday is tomorrow. One girl (I noticed, but tried to let it be a surprise) was quickly making me a birthday card. After school let out, I looked at it...she wrote, "happy birthday you are the best teacher in the hole wold" (we're working on endig punctuation still with her). Then at the bottom of the paper, she wrote "happy birthday you are 30 years old" I almost fell out of my chair...NO, I'M NOT I wanted to shout...just the big 29...but seeing the 30 tells me I need to start preparing myself for it. :)

I'll be spending my day pampering myself...a massage tonight, a dental cleaning tomorrow at my dentist, and maybe getting into my hairdresser too! I know you're probably rereading the part about a teeth cleaning, but I get the happy gas and listen to Josh Groban...simply amazing and relaxing. Then sushi at Cerulean with friends, sweet potato fries on Saturday with my dad, and some friends are coming to my mom's on Sunday for lunch after church...I need to remember these amazing blessings when I get down.


Anonymous said...

Haaaa! I forgot about your birthday dental cleaning. Hilarious! Although, I have to say, I do love the happy gas too! See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

happy gas is heavenly!!! i use it every visit....cleanings too. my dds even uses scented masks now and the gas couldn't smell better. too bad they dont make it available for home use. does anyone else get deja-vu on it?

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Cathy, Happy Birthday to you!

Love ya girl! Hope it's great!

Ruth Ayres said...

Hope you are enjoying all those birthday blessings -- especially the sweet potato fries! You deserve them.

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger!

Long time, no chat! Rachel (Burbrink) sent me the link because we were talking about you the other day. This'll be a fun way to keep tabs on ya! :-)

Sarah Ashton