Friday, February 9, 2007

Becoming Amazed

Today we had a bee party. Our class theme revolves around bees. We made (as a class) over 1,000 points in Accelerated Reader so we had a party! Wow, talk about food! We had yellow and black food. I've never seen so many cakes and cookies and cupcakes. I feel bad for parents who will have some sugar highs as they enter the house. I'll add a picture as soon as I learn about legality of photos.

We also had Reader's Theater and shared our scripts with our 4th grade data buddies. I'm becoming more amazed at the influence kids have on each other. Yesterday, we practiced our scripts for the class and the final two boys had a script about an elephant. They had the cutest actions for their parts. So fast forward to today...we were practicing before we actually performed. Four more groups added action to their performances. Kids can influence others...even in second grade.

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