Monday, May 11, 2015


Confession.  I am not happy with my body right now.  I like what I see...just not the number on the scale. 

Yes, I'm within my goal range, but on the higher end.  Because I chose to stop tracking and allowed myself a bit more freedom, it ended up chaining me. 

To combat this and reign in my snacking and mindless eating, I am choosing to try the Simply Filling method in Weight Watchers.  This will help restrict my choices for a time being and push me towards more whole grains as opposed to processed carbs.  Plus, I am discovering, I like dessert.  I feel the need to have one after every meal.  I am hoping that this will allow me to listen to my body.  Because that's what's most important.  Giving it the fuel it needs to perform the tasks I give it.

I'm on my third day.  How long I will be here will depend on when I feel that I am back into seeing food the way it needs to be.  Fuel, plain and simple. 

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