Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I Ate

Hello's time to get back. 

Back to seeing friends.
Back to tracking my food.
Back to doing what's right for my body.
Back to reading.
Back to writing.
Back to my blog.

I'm going to try a What I Ate at least once a week...I learned about it from several blogs I read, but have never joined in.

There's always a beginning.  His mercies are new each day...Today I'm claiming them.

In random food from Sunday

Apples with cinnamon and string cheese - afternoon snack on the porch

Dried edamame - snack...I was still hungry.

Dinner - salad with chicken, tomatoes, and covered with a guacamole salsa from Trader Joe's (and chips).

My favorite evening snack...yogurt and PB2...yum!

My favorite breakfast ever...bagel thin with PB2, fruit (strawberries), and protein smoothie pancakes - WW Greek yogurt whipped with egg whites...yum!  Every Sunday and Saturday, I get to eat these because I have more time to cook.

Lunch - Chinese cabbage salad with Asian dressing from the Pioneer Woman and a roll and veggies

There you have it...

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