Saturday, August 10, 2013

Looking Back

This summer definitely started out different.  For the past three summers, I had the pleasure of watching a friend's kids.  This summer, it just worked out that they had other places to be (daycare and old enough to kind of watch himself while dad is at home working).

So, what do you do when you have three extra days to fill?

Well, this summer was filled with Zumba (every Monday and Wednesday) and the beginnings of Weight Watcher training to become a leader.

And pictures...get ready!  It's a long one.  Sit back and have a cup of coffee while you look through my summer!

A surprise visit from my favorite Tanzanian this lady and how she is following God with her heart and life!

Many mornings were spent on the porch reading and having a cup of coffee with breakfast.

I reorganized parts of my the kids can find the color they want without too much digging.

I went strawberry picking!

Discovered I like my mat much more than I thought at the gym.  

Picked a GIANT kohlrabi! not eat in one sitting.  I didn't!

Replaced a doorknob on the garage (not finished yet...can't quite get the screws all the way in).

Put up black fabric for a word wall.

Finished the last four canvases.  I use this place to put up academic vocabulary for the class to use.

Met my summer reading goal and exceeded it by over 2000 pages.  Also started most of my mornings's a good way to start the day!

Hiked the mountain you see in the background.

Visited family in VA.  My dad and I would take walks together.  

Met a poet that my class tweets with!  

Fourth of July over the lake...

Love the weeping willow style!

My dad and I

One of the days I walked through these bushes to pick blueberries (a little obsessed).

A craft!

Love beauty in nature!

A new table for my classroom.  Six kids will get to sit here throughout the year.  A free thankful and blessed!

Some notebooks that are cut in half!  Word and math notebooks...super excited to try this!

Hillsong concert...let my light shine!  What a great way to end the summer and to usher in the school year in proper posture!

Spent some great time on the lake with a friend...good workout, but even better talk time.

I love clouds!

Isn't my nephew cute?

And my other nephew?

He's such a cuddle bug!

The view as we were walking up...

At the top!

We were so high up, some clouds rolled in.

A waterfall on another hike.

Some of the steps we hiked...

And there's my much more happened, but it was such a wonderful, relaxing, and needed summer.  When people say it went too fast, to me it didn't.  It was just the right pace.  

And while I don't love getting up early in the morning, it's okay that summer is done.  All good things come to an end.  But even better things are around the corner!

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Paul said...

Great pics! Congrats on your success and adventures!