Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's try that again...

So, today was the first day with kids. You know that day. The exhausting one. The one where I drag myself out of bed. The one where I spend so much time talking and wondering if the class will ever be like the one I had. That day...and then you realize it's Tuesday. 

And your writing coach comes in

And reminds you that it's Tuesday. A slicing day. 

And you say, "Oh, crap!"

And she says, "Let's try that again."

So Ruth, here is why slicing is good...in no particular order...

Because I can change my perspective because I'm looking for something. 
Because it gets my brain to slow down. 
Because it gives me a chance to share my journey with my class.
Because I capture my story. 
Because I can try what I read in others' writing. 
Because others want to know what is going on in my life. Right?
Because I practice what I preach. 
Because writing is powerful. 
Because I am a writer. 


Lee Ann Spillane said...

Thank you for confessing your "oh crap" moment. That makes me feel better today! Somehow Tuesday seems to be the tightest centimeter on the rubber band that is the week. I know it will release and slingshot me to Sunday, but I'm in the hard stretch too right now (and our students don't start until Monday). Slicing is good. Time to go get mine done. Happy start to the new year to you!

Leigh Anne said...

My exhaustion came last Friday and yes, I almost forgot about Tuesday. I didn't realize how hard this would be when school started. I like your "reasons why slicing is good." I may have to come back to this again for a gentle reminder!

Chris said...

Tuesdays can be my favorite and least favorite days! :) Some days I skip writing, without feeling guilty, but it's better (and more fun) to slice. Have a great year!

writekimwrite said...

Ah...writing can do that transform a "oh crap" thought into a treasure hunt. Thank you for sharing your positive reasons to slice. I am glad you did!