Friday, March 23, 2012

What are they thinking?

Strapless jumpsuit.
Blue and teal stripes.
Eighties go away!!!
It was a fad for a reason!


Mrs. C said...

Hahahahaha! There are soooo many 80's things out there right now. I lived it once...not again!

T. Blauvelt said...

That post reminds me of their commercial where colorful people jump out of an air balloon and change everyone's clothes into colorful creations. I think why would they want to wear that every time. Does that mean we are not up on the latest fashion even if it is crazy??? :D

elsie said...

I will leave that outfit for someone else. Thanks for the warning!

MaryHelen said...

Ugh! I was in the 80's and didn't like it then. To me it sounds more like the 60's. Quick and to the point!