Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sometimes Thursdays are hard.  I am in charge of an after-school club and tonight was a meeting.  All I want somedays after being with kids all day is ten minutes of no kids.  Just give me a breath and then I can go again, but the revolving door of good-bye to hello is tough.

However, seeing the residents at the nursing home that we visit makes it worthwhile.  Their faces light up and I draw my breath from seeing their smiles.  The hugs they give the kids and the sparkle in their eyes makes the journey worth it.


My alone time comes soon and then I can rest.


Mrs. C said...

I watched you and the kids as you returned from the nursing home tonight. Those kids were still full of energy. I admire that you take the time to give them this opportunity. It is making an impact in the lives of the young and the not so young. Breathe deeply. Only a few more days until break.

Tam said...

How great is that--taking time for older people to see young smiley faces. Hope you got the rest you need.