Saturday, March 24, 2012


When I was little, my parents had a game for my sister and I in the car.  Every time we asked, "How much longer?" or anything remotely related to it, my mom took a dime from us.  She had given us ten to begin with.  Hey, as a kid, ten dimes were great...well, until I figured out how to count money.

Today, as I was driving back from Indy, I remembered those times because I was racing my GPS estimated time arrival at home.  Anyone else do that?  

Why am I in a hurry?  Why am I always wondering about what the next step is or what the next leg in the journey is?  Why can't I just enjoy what's in front of me and the breath that I am currently taking.  

For the next two days, I am dedicated to enjoying each moment.  Not wishing them away, but just taking in all around me.  No worrying about what's next.  Just thankful for what's in front of me.

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elsie said...

So did you beat the GPS? Life moves at lightening speed so it's hard to slow down. It's nice you've got a couple of days to relax.