Friday, March 16, 2012


As I head into my room to put in an hour before I work our school's carnival, I turned around from my table and saw them.


This year has been different than those in the past.  Due to high numbers, we have a split fourth section where they divide into three groups and come into our rooms for math, science, and social studies.  Our language arts block is all in the morning.

However, I have a group of students pulled for LLI in the morning.  I did the spelling test while they were gone and would have them make it up later.  I placed them on the back counter and went on with my day. 

Yep.  You got it.

I forgot.  Again.

Do you ever feel pulled in so many directions, you can't make out which end is up.  That is how I feel. 

Ten days.  Spring Break.  My brain needs rest!  My body needs sleep.  My soul needs recharged.


JenniferM said...

I totally understand! I'm forever forgetting little things like that, especially when I'm tired. I always put a brightly colored sticky note on my clipboard to remind myself of things like that, which usually helps. (Of course, sometimes I'm "pulled in so many directions" that I ignore the sticky note!)

Deb Gaby said...

Everyone has had lots on their plates. Here's my theory: the plates seem to shrink and what's on them seems to multiply several days before Spring Break. This is so you will REALLY appreciate and enjoy those Spring Break days. : )

Tracy said...

It is so hard to stay on top of things when you are so busy all the time! Spring Break is just around the corner and a much deserved time to relax and rejuvenate. Keep the faith; you're almost there!

Mrs. C said...

What?? Spring Break is still 10 days away?? I need it you!

Deanna said...

"Do you ever feel pulled in so many directions, you can't make out which end is up?"

Yes. :(