Thursday, March 15, 2012


Because I'm blogging from school (I have a meeting at 7 and there's no point to drive 20 minutes home at four bucks a gallon), I don't have the slice of life button.

However, since I have so much time at school, I decided to finish up grading piles of papers and record them.  I grabbed the Sharpie erasable pen to record my new data.

I have a small obsession with certain types of writing utensils.  Ticonderoga pencils.  Papermate Sharpwriter (pencils where the lead twists).  Sharpie pens.  All teachers have these obsessions, right?

Enter the Sharpie Liquid Pencil.  With.  An.  Eraser!  Wow...

I had written the students' scores on a verb paper and then had them redo it.  Serious reteaching needed.

Tonight, with lots of time (no bitterness) to kill, I regraded and went to record the information. 


It is not liquid pencil that erasers.  Just a really nice pen.  It didn't work on my grade book.  Scores had to be rewritten over and ones turned into fives with some finesse.

I'll stick to my Ticonderoga and Papermates...Sorry, Sharpie!


Mrs. C said...

Papermate pencils...7 lead. Pilot pens...can't find them any more. Sharpie disappointing!

b said...

I also have my favorite office supplies --- Big soft touch medium tip black pens to be exact. It's OK. I'm good with that obsession. Nice slice. I'm so sorry the new pens didn't live up to their advertising... ;(.

b said...

Um, that would be Bic. Typos!!

Tam said...

Oh, yes, the favorite pens--gel pens. I still use after retirement. I can't live without them. I feel like a real writer when I use them. Maybe this will be a post. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cathy said...

Funny how we have favorite tools we like to work with each day. I'm addicted to purple Pentel pens. Maybe I just like saying that. I was hopeful for the Sharpie Liquid Pencil -- now -- not so much.