Saturday, March 17, 2012


What are your motivators?  Right now, it's a beautiful, blue dress.  I have some amazing friends who are great motivators.  Who keep you going when you can't go anymore.  Who tell you, yes, you can and you believe them.  I am turning into my own motivator.

You have to with the workout I did this morning.

Begin with the heavy weight and start kettle-bell type squats with your right arm.  Then move them into shoulder press squats.  Plie squats now with heavy weight above your head.  Finish with swinging the heavy weight like a baseball bat to work your abs, back, and shoulder.

Cardio sprint.

Start again with the squats, but move the heavy weight into your left hand.  Repeat the same sequence.

Cardio sprint.

Repeat squat sequence again with right side.

Cardio sprint.

Left side.

Cardio sprint.

Twenty minutes have passed by.

Time for single leg lunges.  Both legs.  Plie squats with shoulder type row.  Plie squats with weights going above your head.

Cardio sprint.

Repeat single leg lunges again.

Cardio sprint.

Squats now with bicep curl and over your back to work your abs and back.  Throw in some dead lifts.

Cardio sprint.


Cardio sprint.

Are you tired yet?  We're almost done.  You can do this.  You have everything in you to keep going!

Some ax choppers (not sure how to describe them) and dead lifts.

Cardio sprint - It's your last one!

Now comes the green band which goes around your legs and you begin working the inner and outer thighs.

Relief when the song is over...You've made it!!!  Cool down and stretch.  FINALLY!

And yes, I do this every Saturday morning.  It's such a good workout.  The kind that makes you feel good about your body and what it can.  The kind that motivates you to keep going to get better.  The kind that you look in the mirror and are proud of what you see!


MaryHelen said...

Go, Cathy, Go. I have a special few people who help motivate me.

Mrs. C said...

i was exhausted just reading your sequence, but you are looking fabulous.

What about the blue dress, though??

jyk730 said...

That's great that you have this blue dress to help motivate you!! I need some motivation to start working out again~! :)
--jee young