Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No more excuses...

I think I've used every one in the book.  No more.  I'm back.  Regardless of the plantar wart that was injected last week on my foot.  Regardless of my ear infection.  Regardless of the fact that I cannot run a full mile (probably could).  I'm back.

I laced up my new shoes, loaded my iPod with a few more songs, and headed out the door.  Plan?  Run a song, walk a song.  Two mile course.  Down and back.

I did it.  And I have the proof.  With breaking in my new shoes, my left foot always seems to pay.  Pay it did.  Thank you, shoes.  Thank you, road.  Thank you, music.  I enjoyed it.  I'll be back.

Yes, that's blood...breaking in new shoes!

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