Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coincidences...or God planning it all!

This past weekend, I headed to a nearby large town that actually has a Target!  I had a wedding in this town and had also been to a concert there and stayed with a friend so I didn't have to drive it all over again in the morning.

After the wedding, I went and bought some new running shoes, some Zumba shoes, and headed to Target for odds and ends.  I was hungry (had skipped the reception) and wanted some Archer Farm Honey Mustard pretzels.  I couldn't find them in one aisle, so I turned the corner and ran into two great friends!

The funny part was, one of them had just (and I mean just) been talking about me.  I used to make snack bags for her after her long runs so she had something to eat during church.  She had just said my name and I turned the corner.

God is so funny!

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Anonymous said...

That was such a great surprise! :)