Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reverse Psychology

I have the pleasure of taking care of two kids that I dearly love over my spring break (just a few days). The boy is in second grade and the girl is sixteen months. Lunch for the boy is always the same. Either macaroni and cheese or a double-decker pb & j. And no one makes the pb & j like I do! However, I also know that he needs a well-balanced meal of good nutritional value.

We ventured out of the comfort zone today. I made multi-grain linguine and put a little bit of butter and parmesan cheese on his. Mushrooms and sauce on mine. He told me he didn't like butter. I fibbed and said that it had also been on his spaghetti at my mom's and he had like that. Lie 1 taken care of. Linguine eaten. He also had applesauce and all that was left was a vegetable. I grabbed the sugar snap peas out of the frig that I had brought over.

He promptly told me he didn't like peas.

I told him that the first word was sugar...they were sweet. I also explained that one of my students from school didn't like peas and he had liked them (true story).

He ended up eating the peas inside of the pods...and liked them.

The pods were left on the table uneaten. However, with a little bit of reverse psychology, he was able to try a new food and like it.


Elizabeth G. said...

Well done! It can take a lot to change a child's eating routine. It sounds like he's on his way to a broader eating menu. Have fun!

elsie said...

You have an interesting few days ahead of you. I like the quick thinkiing of sugar being the first word in sugar snap peas. Good luck with the kids.

Anonymous said...

You are brave. Your title grabbed my attention. What a great slice. MaryHelen

Sprice said...

Hope you are enjoying your break. I'm sure it is different! I'm sitting in a conference room in Ohio. My husband had a business trip and I came with him. I like the fact that you were very ingenius to come up with these ideas! Wonderful! I'll remember that with my grandkids! Have a great day! Happy Writing! :)