Friday, April 1, 2011

What I Learned

Slicing this month pushed me again to write. Through slicing, I entered a world that I know in the blogging world. People that I "know" and would be able to see their names and interact with them again. Friends that felt familiar. New names that I learned and yearned to read their entries each day.

Reading writing that sometimes left me feeling inadequate in my own writing. How do you writers put your words together so well? It's such a work in progress for me. I was told in college that I write the way I speak...which apparently to this professor was not great. I'm still nursing that old wound more than ten years later and trying to get beyond it.

I experimented with the magic of three and trying to use repeating beginnings in my writing. I looked for the unordinary. I noticed photos that would have made great slices and next year would like to document my slices even more by including pictures.

Slicing with my students allowed me to connect with other students and their writing over lunch. I am thinking of bringing in writing groups more often to talk with them. Or maybe book clubs over lunch. One of my students (he was three away from our lunch) even had a nightmare about slicing. :) That's how you know you got to them!

I commented more this year. And while I didn't always make my three quota, I did try! I tried to compliment their writing and be specific. I truly appreciated people who left their kind words on my blog.

I'm always so grateful for a challenge. Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you all!


Ruth said...

I've enjoyed reading your slices this month--I too found it inspiring but also found myself wishing to write as well as others. :) Still, I'm glad I did it and will continue.

Sprice said...

It's always interesting to read others' reflections and to know your feelings. I had such a fear of writing for my peers but I would never have guessed that you would feel inadequate.You are such a good writer and you have inspired me with all the great ideas you have. Thank you for sharing with me! I'm looking forward to next year. I plan to conintue blogging and slicing on Tuesdays! Happy Slicing! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm honored to slice with you this month. I admire you for being brave and sharing your writing with others even though the old wound stings.

Diana1LitCoach said...

Your reflection makes me wonder how many times young writers get squashed. It makes me think about how much power teachers have. I think your kids are very lucky to have you.