Friday, April 8, 2011

Time to Come Clean...

You won't judge, right? And even if you do, I guess I should ask if I really care what others think about me.

On with the story.

Dating is something that I don't know much about. The choices of men to date in my area are slim to none. In fact, I know that it will be completely God if I ever get married. The men that I do know are either too young, too old, or married. The bottom line is...not for me.

I did what any technological savvy amazing woman would dating. I tried my hand at it a couple of years ago and it went well. I learned a lot. He just wasn't ready for a dating relationship.

The site I use had a sale, so I am trying again. I recently had had some communication with a gentleman and we began to e-mail, text, and finally agreed to meet. Yes, I told people where I would be and chose a public place and made sure I wasn't followed afterwards.

I had been so nervous before meeting him that I couldn't eat. I had the pleasure of having butterflies again. My face lit up when I got a text. I felt special again. And now it's over. But don't get me wrong...I'm not that upset about it. Why you ask?

My friend suggested I give him another chance (I tend to be quite picky on the first date). When I explained how our "date" had gone, she was quick to understand why I was okay with no future get togethers.

1. I looked hot (we met at a Barnes). Had the jeans on, a rockin' shirt, a great necklace, and make-up to boot. He came in sweatpants and a long-sleeved T-shirt.
2. I had wanted a place where we (I mean me) could get coffee. He didn't buy me one. He didn't even offer!
3. His profile said he was shy and, NO! He talked and talked and talked. Yes, I am a talker, but I also know how to draw people into conversation and connect to what they are saying. I do try and get to know others around me. I try to listen well. He talked so much, I began to zone out at times. He hardly asked me any questions. Granted, we had talked quite a bit on the phone so we had had most of the first date questions already. And by talk, I mean text, Come on man...make a phone call every now and again.
4. He took the easy way out. Since we parted ways (with a side hug - who does that?), he has yet to call, text, or e-mail. Way to be a man!

As for the positives, I am proud of myself. I was myself. I looked hot! And felt hot! In fact, I think I got a warmer smile from a guy working there than my "date" gave me. I'm not down about not dating. I'm thankful that I have what I have. My life isn't all that bad. And while I am sitting home alone on a Friday night (by choice), I'm so glad to have a night to just chill.


Sprice said...

You're right, doesn't sound like you needed that one!

Diana1LitCoach said...

Your writing had me cracking up! I can relate to the sweatpants thing. My husband wears sweatpants, some of them gross and holey, quite often. In fact, his more disgusting sweatpants have been known to mysteriously disappear. ;)

Anonymous said...

OH man, the side hug did it for me.... i can feel you on experiencing bad dates! it's hard being a single christian woman and finding good guys! anyways, we got to keep praying! :) BTW, I added you on my blog roll! :)

KJM said...

I LOVE that you say you looked hot. I'm sure you did! And yes, as your friend who always encourages a second chance, not to mention who loves her sweatpants and is not generally one to judge others for wearing sweats in public, a guy who wears sweatpants on a first date is clearly not considering the first impression he is making! Still might be overlooked if not for the lack of chivalry and not buying you a coffee or being interested enough about you and asking you questions. There is a prince out there for you but this doesn't seem like him :)
Love you girl.

Lena said...

Oh jeez! I say don't give him another chance even if he gets in touch. Eew!
He is probably the one who will never get married! He just sounds gross and he doesn't deserve you!

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