Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update of 11 for 11


BE healthy
  • get into clothes (and feel good in) that I used to be able to wear and cannot right now - black cords, gray pants, blue trousers, and green pants
These are my black cords. Proof that I wore them to school
  • control eating habits and not let the eating habits control me
  • be able to run five miles again
BE balanced
  • grow professionally by reading three books
  • participate in at least three book studies (can be fun, spiritual, or school related)
BE relational
  • one dinner party a month with friends

Salad, cream of broccoli soup, bread, and angel food cake (homemade) for dessert
In honor of my dad's 60th, and since I couldn't be there, I cooked for my friend's dad. I'm in the middle. Great night with great people!
  • write my Compassion kids four times this year
  • find a small group or accountability partner - I have a past small group girl, a co-worker at school, and a fabulous friend who moved away that I chat with about my eating habits. They are helping keep me accountable in the area. Still looking for a spiritual small group or accountability partner.
BE creative
  • create at least 12 recipes from the cooking blogs I read
  • knit at least 3 projects this year that are not the simple scarves and hats that I currently do
  • create at least 1 hand-made card a month - Made some thank you cards and a happy birthday card for my dad for January

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ReadingToLearn said...

Such sage mind/body advice. If I can only adhere to half of it :)