Saturday, January 22, 2011


I' ve been finding papers here and there and everywhere. The papers contain words and quotes from my students. I write them, stuff them, and find them later. I'm ready to clean out a few from my purse. Hope you enjoy:
  • I'm pretty sure I've written this one before, but after hearing a new word when I read aloud, most of my kids start to use it. The word was dung. The sentence was, "My dog's dung is disgusting." I love the alliteration. I love the sentence used the word correctly. I love my class.
  • We read a book with our Twitter buddies in our corporation. Hooway for Wodney Wat. Wodney can't say his r's. I have several students in my class that can't say their r's. I thought it was perfect. When we read another book, one of my boys popped in with, "That's how Rodney feels. I mean, Wodney." I just smiled.
  • We are getting ready to write informational books. We are in the midst of researching. Straight from my Star Wars boy, "Did you know that dinosaurs were invented before dinosaurs?" He paused...looked at me, then said, "I mean, did you know that sharks were invented before dinosaurs?" I thanked him and then started writing it down before I forgot.
  • A few weeks ago, one of my students came up to me after putting away his items for the day, asked if he could fact drop with me. Absolutely!!! Later on, I noticed he was standing next to the bathroom just waiting there. Wanting to know why he was just standing around, I said, "What are you doing?" He calmly came back with, "I'm just waiting to throw up." I quickly said (okay, maybe screamed), "Get the trash can and go to the nurse." And within one millisecond of grabbing the trash can, he was throwing up into it. Good timing and great aim!
  • We were on Brainpop Jr. watching a video about the main idea (which we've been working on for over a week). Afterwards, you can take quizzes. A hard one or an easy one. It says so on the screen. I don't let my class say easy. Simply because it's not for everybody. Two years ago, I had students recreate the word into "e-word". It has stuck. Some of the students started chanting, "E-word quiz. E-word quiz." I just had to smile and write down e-word quiz.
I truly am thankful for the smily moments. They get me through the rough spots!

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