Monday, May 3, 2010

They're ridiculous...

One of my students walked in today and told me that I could blog the comment she was about to make...oh thank you. So glad I have your permission to write down what you're going to say next. However, I do have some doozies from over the past week.

  • While the students were working, a conversation about being God's children came up at the table right next to my desk. They began sharing how they thought it was weird that we are all brothers and sisters in God's eyes. After one of my students got over how weird he thought it was, he said, "Well, who's God's father? And does that make him the godfather?" I just had to laugh as I kept writing down their comments.
  • My precious one came up to me to talk to me about my bee bookmark. She mentioned she had one just like it, but in the shape of a cross. She then studied the back of the bookmark and then in a disgusted voice said, "Why is everything made in China? Ugh, argh." I didn't have the heart to discuss labor laws and finances.
  • While the above student was taking an AR quiz, she mistakenly clicked on the Spanish version. After she had been back there for a while, I was getting irritated. I asked her why it was taking so long and she replied that she needed * in our classroom because the quiz was Mexican talking." She had wanted one of our bilingual students to translate...oh my. I also explained to her that the language is called Spanish.
  • When we do our working with words, I have the kids ask about any words they may not know or understand. Last week, one of the students didn't know what a plow was. I had another student explain it (because whoever is doing the talking is doing the learning) and while he was explaining it, the boy who had asked about it came back with, "Since he used the word in the definition, I don't know what it means." Yay for some teaching getting through their heads.
  • One of my girls was in early this morning helping me out. She's smart. She's witty. She loves animals. And so enters my story. I asked her what she was going to be when she grew up. A vet was her answer. I said, "I can see that." She replied, "I bet you can." Oh, I enjoyed the smile.
  • We were encouraged at church to say Scripture when we are tempted. I recited the fruit of the Spirit a few times today when students were acting up, reminding myself of the way I should conduct myself. During the afternoon, I had had it with a certain student and I walked out of the room to see if the room next door was empty so they could talk to their parents in private (BTW, students calling parents is the best! - No offense to the parents that read my blog, but you should see how a child's behavior goes from nothing to crying within a nanosecond.). As I walked out of the room, one of my girls encouraged me to say my verse...ha ha! She thought I was upset and needed my verse.
Even on the rough days, they still can make me laugh.

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