Monday, May 3, 2010

My Workouts

I had a reader ask me about my workouts...

I started off running for 1 minute and then walked for 2 minutes and I did this for a total of 15 minutes 2 - 3 times a week. I wrote down how far I had gone and could see where I could run for 1 minute and 15 seconds...I was always so excited as the numbers increased.

After I could run a full mile (and it took even longer to run 2), I began to increase my running and walking routines. I trained for 5 K's and began running and walking them trying to improve my time with each one.

I've dabbled in the past with kickboxing and loved it. I wish I could go back to it, but I also know that during that time in my life, I was pretty obsessed with working out.

These days, I try to work out 4-6 days a week. I shoot for half of those to be a good cardio session (Zumba, running, Arc Trainer, or the bike) and add in some weights. I lift upper and lower and NEVER the same muscle groups the following day. I read a lot on the Body for Life website to see what I could do weight lifting. A workout that I love going to (and it reminds me how far I can still go is a class taught by a friend of mine - cardio mixed in with weights - the only problem is the time at 7:30...when I have to be at school) and I'm going to try to be able to go to it this summer (depending on my work schedule).

A good treadmill routine that I like is walking on the incline. I hardly ever go faster than 3.5 when I'm at the top of the routine. Start off at 0 and for every minute of walking, increase the incline by 1. After you reach 10, stay there for five minutes. Try to not hold onto the handles. Use your arms to pump and keep you going. Then after five minutes, decline back to zero the same way you got to one...down by 1 every minute.

If any of you have more questions, let me know. My friends know I love to be a personal type trainer...working out with friends is so much fun! I get to run with two dear ones tomorrow and I'm so excited. They may be faster than I am, but I love that they humble themselves and run with me at my pace.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Reading this made me feel like I don't have to work out to others standard, but my own. I'll start out slow and at a pace that I'm comfortable with and challenge myself from that. Reading your blog encourages me. I appreciate your writting.