Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Waiting and here it is...

Oh, my students were on today...

While we were working on a small project (circling missed problems in math), my quirky one was sitting in the bucket with pillows. I know...sitting in the bucket...you've got to see it to believe it. The kids love it. Someone his pencil had fallen in between his abdomen and lap and as he bent to get the gumption to stand up, there was a snap. He was shocked. His stomach had just snapped his pencil in half. I waited...and then he began exclaiming how tough his stomach is. He told three different students in the process of three minutes. "I guess my stomach is pretty tough." It is dear one...it is.

During our sharing circle we were sharing how we had connected to our characters in our books. I shared how inferring character traits can help us feel connected to the characters. I had read Julius, Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes. I shared how I used to hate my baby sister and how I had been jealous of her. One of my girls (who's too smart for her own good) told me she knew how the class could make me jealous.

"Really? How?"

"By everyone in the class having Dove dark chocolate. That'd be tempting, wouldn't it?"

And as I'm writing down this quick conversation, students notice that I am writing and once again, they know the drill...I'm spying.

During a read aloud I decided to read some informational text to boost my students' background knowledge. I had been reading from a book about Rocks. We had begun reading about precious stones and my quirky one lets us know that you can make diamonds out of dead people. While students groan, another one of my boys (who can be a Jekyll and Hyde) replies in a perfect tone, "That's gross and that's off topic." I couldn't have said it better myself kid!

At least they keep me laughing!

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