Thursday, April 22, 2010

They got me...

Today I visited my old students and listened to their presentations. I learned that kangaroos are in the WWF. However, his brother (who's currently in my class and also came down to listen) helped him and explained that kangaroos don't fight in the WWF, they are in cages. Ah...I get the connection - cages and fighting and WWF and all makes so much sense.

Did you know that coyotes are in Canada, Mexico, Arizona, and Los Angeles? I had to stifle my giggle as another boy shared the location of his animal that he had researched. Just to make sure, I had him repeat himself...yep, the only city mentioned was LA...everything else was a country or a state.

I've had some neck pain...slept wrong I think. I've taken a few pain pills to help me out with the pain...couldn't sleep the other night due to the pain. I don't think I've heard things as clearly. We were talking about Despereaux and some of the other characters and one of my students said, "Botticelli." I could have sworn she said "A pot of chili." I asked her to repeat herself and she did and then I explained what I thought I heard her say. We all got a great laugh about it and then she said, "Will you excuse me?" She left our meeting area to go write down what I had said in her notebook (and as she did, a wonderful, evil laugh came out). I guess the tables have turned. At least they are learning about being writers in practical ways. I just never knew I'd be the one giving them ammunition.

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