Wednesday, March 17, 2010

School on the brain

In order to meet with all of our students to inform them of their NWEA goals, our second grade team is teaming up (literally) and hitting a home run in reading! We are going to rotate part of our students, eat baseball themed food, hang pennants, and play music while we talk with our students.

My mom is helping me prepare for the big day. Currently, we are in the middle of our sixth batch of caramel corn (don't you wish you were in my room?). I was counting the popped popcorn by cups into the large bowl and came up short. I needed 22 cups and I had only put in eleven.

My mom asked, "How many more do you need?"

Immediately, my brain said, "Subtraction." How many more is a phrase that I teach my students to watch for that informs them to subtract. I repeat it probably three to four times within our Accelerated Math time. I cannot wait to share with them my mom's question and see what they have to say...Even when I'm away, I can't turn it off.

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Anonymous said...

reminds me of how someone will offhandedly say something like, "oh, what's the chance of THAT happening?" and I find myself literally trying to figure it out...