Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Thoughtful

We had a search and rescue dog come in today and show us how he works. The handler happens to be a parent in my class, so it was amazing! I had to decide on who would "get lost".

It was an easy choice, but I had to make it look like it was random.

Just ten minutes prior, when the handler was explaining the purpose of the dog and teaching us about the nose of a bloodhound, my quirky one gasped and pointed at me. He said, "The dog could have helped you."

Not sure of what he meant, I walked over and leaned in to ask him. He said, "The dog could have helped you when you were lost in Disneyland."

I had shared the story of being lost in Disneyland while in high school earlier in the year. I can't even tell you when I had shared the story, but he remembered.

When I asked how he had remembered that, he clicked his tongue, pointed at his head, and said, "I've got a good memory."

Oh dear one, you have warmed my heart by remembering my words.


Mary said...

Isn't it sweet when they hang onto something you had no idea had an impact on them? I love your ending sentence. It really conveys how much you care for this student!

Lennye said...

I think the starling has stolen your heart.

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