Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For those of you who read my blog, please know that I adore each student in my room. They are all unique and bring amazing things to the classroom. Some students are easy to love and others take time. But it always happens!

One of the boys in my classroom is horribly messy. He doesn't do his homework or bring it back. We normally have to stay in a recess and sometimes two to get work done to try and catch him up to grade level.

As we were at an awards ceremony this morning, I noticed my quirky one who I am falling in love with all over again. The funny things he says are outweighing the annoying things he does. I never thought I'd see the day where I truly enjoyed him more than be annoyed by him. I was also thinking about my messy boy and how I hadn't totally fallen in love with him yet. It's taken me quite some time. I'm frustrated because he doesn't seem to put up a fight to become smarter. There probably isn't the support at home that is needed and my heart breaks for him.

Today, I asked him to stay in and clean out his desk...it was atrocious. I asked him to divide his papers into recycle and homework. As he worked through the papers and then put away folders and notebooks, I sat next to him and tried to just watch as he sorted. It happened. I felt this ray of love and hope exude from my heart. It was nothing I had done, it just came.

It was a tough day overall, but knowing that tomorrow the small glimmer of love and hope will become brighter and stronger makes today worth it. I will keep fighting for this child until he learns to fight for himself.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, for that. It warms my heart to know that this child has someone fighting for him. You are a blessing. Every child deserves to have someone fight for them.

Anonymous said...

This post touched me so much that I had to read it twice.

C.Rush said...

I applaud that you are able to write so honestly about your students. Thank you for sharing. As I read, it struck me that I, too, know this moment.

jenbaum said...

This is a description of our relationships that I have never been able to so eloquently put into words! I wish I could believe that this was true for all of the teachers that I coach and train. THIS is the teacher that every child deserves.... thank you.