Monday, March 15, 2010


I read My Heart is Like a Zoo to the class today to teach similes. One statement talks about the portly walrus. My students didn't know what portly meant (and I was inferring), but we figured out that portly meant large. However, one of my sweet boys said, "Fat."

I agreed with the class, but felt that fat was a better definition. I truly hate that word, but yet, it felt right for the context of what we were reading.

One of my cherubs (who makes me laugh with her comments) said, "I call that fun size."

Oh, beautiful one...I wish all people saw the world through your eyes!


Kimberly and Ed said...

"I call that fun size." - love it!

Anonymous said...

I said that Ms Laker!!!! Its TESS!!!! HA!!HA!!HA!!HA!! YOURE The BEST!!