Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am in a Bible study about Esther through LifeWay with Beth Moore as the leader. Once again, God has drawn together my reading of the OT to match His perfect timing. I am currently in 1 Samuel and with reading through the OT so far, I can see where the history of meanness resonated with the Jews and Amalekites. It was amazing as she was talking how all of the pieces came together and made sense. And knowing this, I can rest in Him and what He has planned for me.

Tonight's lesson was mostly about the history of meanness between these two groups of people, but asked some very relevant questions that I am posing to you...I pray that as you read these words, God opens your eyes and begins a revolution of kindness where you are.

One of the points was that meanness perceives a threat and that woman are often the worst critics of our own kind. So, when you (and I mean you) perceive a threat, what are you measuring yourself against? What are you comparing yourself to? Who is your rival and how much time and energy are you wasting on it? What is at the root of it? Insecurity is at the heart of rivalry.

As Beth was speaking, sitting there and listening to it, I know many of the answers in my head and heart. Now the hard part will be to identify it and hold to the Truth that I know is real.

Thanks for joining me on this entry...And if you're game, what are your answers to these questions? I'm sure I'll be posting some of my own answers very shortly!


Dina said...

I love Beth Moore. Our women's Bible study at church just finished "Stepping Up" and it was wonderful. Glad you are learning...

Ward said...

My wife is in that same study except at The Chapel here in Fort Wayne.. she loves it!