Thursday, October 22, 2009


What do you do when you have 14 boys and only 5 girls...workshop is very different this year. Last year, the girls would try something and then the guys would too...this year the boys just don't seem to take the initiative. I also don't quite know what to do with my students that receive special services for writing workshop. When they are "finished" with their writing, they think it's okay to put everything away and just sit there while everyone else is still working...huh. They did offer to get a book. I know in a few months, I'll look back and see growth in their stamina, but it's just getting old.

And while I'm on the subject of complaining...I just need my personal space...that's why there is a bee on the floor. Stop, kids, stop! And for the 4,999th time, if there's a scan card problem or it says to see your teacher, put it in the basket and then walk away.

Okay, I feel better now.

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