Friday, October 30, 2009

What is happening?

On Wednesday, we had a sharing circle so three students could share what they did in their reading that others can do. After talking with another teacher, I asked the students to first ask themselves what the speaker was teaching them before they ask what they were teaching the readers. One of the students wasn't quite getting his idea across about being deliberate in stopping and asking questions as they read (our new strategy) so a student did ask what they were teaching.

He explained (after a little help with me) and another reader asked him a question. One of my girls popped in as he was sharing the answer and asked why he was only looking at that student. (Woo hoo...she was getting the point of eye contact with everyone.) He explained that he was looking at the person that asked him the question. (He understood that you look at people when you answer their questions). Another girl pops in and tells the group that we shouldn't interrupt his teaching. (She understands that people need to wait their turn to talk.)

It was amazing!!! So glad I was paying attention as they were sharing.

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