Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slice of Life...Watch Out!

Driving to work can sometimes turn into a normal routine, unless I make myself pay attention. This morning, the lady in front of me was using her time at the stop light to either finish beautifying herself or woke up too late and had to brush her hair in the car. Due to the fishbowl effect, I noticed that as the light turned green, her hair kept flipping due to the brush. Okay...she'll stop soon, I thought. Nope! It got worse! Two hands now were being used to brush her hair. Is she serious? We're on a road that curves...hello?!? Driving with no hands because you have to fix your hair? Suddenly, her car moved into the turn right lane on the road. She corrected herself and CONTINUED to brush her hair. I definitely slowed down to give her more space on the road and prayed for her safety (okay, I guess more for the people she was going to come into contact with). I guess it goes to show that some people value what they look like rather than safety for others on the road.


Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader of your blog. I googled you b/c my child is in your class. I have to say that "I LOVE IT". Your doing great and I'm not just talking about the blog.

Thank you, for the education that my child is receiving.

SAS said...

I think you should have done a citizens arrest! ;)