Friday, September 18, 2009

The Sweet Sounds of Friday...

I sit at my desk. It's almost six o'clock. I am finding that I love Fridays after school. Planning, organizing, creating, procrastinating, grading, and refocusing occur in a building that is almost deserted by three-thirty. It's appealing to me. I write our morning messages (which I am loving). On Tuesdays, we always have a joke that I use our color changing markers to reveal the answer and Fridays is a fix my letter. Maybe Wednesdays will become Wow Wednesdays and I'll share one amazing fact. Thursdays could be thought provoking...and discuss at our morning meeting. Which reminds students read the message. How do I know this? I wondered why they wanted to bring their artifacts to the meeting and after I read the message (which I had written two days earlier), I remembered that I had asked them to be prepared to share something for their writer's notebook at our meeting. It warmed my heart!

Tonight was wonderful. As I was working, two old students (really only one - they're twins) came to see me. They are seniors this year. We spent an hour reminiscing about the past several years and just talking about our lives. One of the girls was in my first ever class and they always seem to hold a special part in your heart.

Staying late on Friday will not always happen, but tonight it's energizing!

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Live, Laugh, Love! said...

Girl. I'm astounded by the fact that you were at school till 6:00 on a FRIDAY night!!! Teacher of the year, seriously.